miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

Traumatische Traum - Ruins

This is the Demo version of the 1st Traumatische Traum album's Intro track.

I remember my life as it used to be... Nothing could harm me then cause my lady was beside me. But... now that I'm alone I can only stare at the ruins... of my past.I can only see darkness and chaos around me. I can only feel pain, insanity and desperation in my mind. My eyes, once bright, are now blind. And my heart, once full of love, beats no more. I'm tired... I'm so tired...

Now I can see it. I can see everything burning! This world... MY world... In flames!
-Dorgen... Dorgen! Wake up Dorgen! It's just a nightmare!
Everyone who tries to save me from myself gets burned, and then just dissapears!
-But... you're not alone! You're with us! Dorgen, please wake up!
I'm the one who burnt this place, I'm the one who brings pain to anyone who just try to help me!
-Dorgen, you're not to blame! Can you even hear me? Please answer me!
I'm the only one who ruined my life, and no one else should die... for me...
-Wake up... please... wake up...

I must die here... alone... in the ruins... of my life...

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